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      Industrial Instrument Service Corporation

      5643 W. 63rd Place
      Chicago, IL, 60638

      Phone: 1-773-581-3355
      Fax: 1-773-767-1501
      E-mail: iisco@flash.net

      IISCO's services are provided for machinists, mechanics, scientists and otherwise “technical people” who need to precisely measure the dimensions of products, prototypes, parts of machines and other objects where precise dimensions are necessary. The website will provide information on all the services provided by IISCO for customers to refer to, as well as all necessary contact information.

      Special Features:


      iisco building
      Industrial Instrument is located at 5643 W. 63rd Place, in Chicago Illinois (60638)— approximately one block south-west of Midway Airport. IISCO has been located here since 1989.

      Precision Level Repair

      level image
      Precision Machinist levels. Most makes and models. IISCO offers repair, resurfacing, replacement vials, calibration and certification of levels.

      Need help aligning shafts?

      Try the ABC Chain clamp!
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